Posted on January 4, 2021 at 6:00 am

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Madhurima Tuli And Vishal Aditya Singh back together…!

Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh who were last seen in Bigg Boss are back with a bang. A beautiful romantic music video Khwabeeda.

Madhurima Tuli And Vishal Aditya Singh back together...!
Madhurima Tuli And Vishal Aditya Singh back together…!

Both the actors have carved a niche for themselves with their work. And are known for speaking their minds instead of taking aid of diplomacy. Maybe that’s why they are loved crazily by the fans and viewers alike.

This lockdown has seen many releases of various songs. But Khwabeeda is different. Madhurima Tuli shares,

“The special thing about Khwabeeda firstly is the song & the story. Secondly, my brother has directed it and thirdly ViRima is back. In fact, the entire experience of shooting Khwabeeda has been very special and interesting. From discussion and planning to dance rehearsals and the pre-production phase, it was like youngsters ganging up together and making a product with their heart and soul. Honestly, it feels ecstatic because finally the product which we have dreamt of since almost one and a half year has been released. And whatever we had thought and visualised, everything fell in place. This is our first big venture together. So I am quite overwhelmed, excited and happy with the response we are getting.”

When asked Vishal Aditya Singh about his experience, he shared,

“It was amazing, it was a lot of fun because everything was happening. The way we had visualized and the song was amazing. And for me it was nice especially because after so much had happened, we were working as a team. There were a lot of mixed emotions, you know sometimes after a gap when you talk there are limitations. There’s a boundary but everyone is our own, so kaam karne mein bada mazza aaya.

Everything is special about Khwabeeda. The song, music, singer, story, when I heard this song for the first time, I loved it. I would also like to say thank you to Shrikant Tuli for giving me the creative freedom. I always wanted to do something creative as a writer, a director apart from my acting. There is a lot of excitement, everyone has done a great job, and Good work is always good work only. When people see that they appreciate it. I am sure that everyone is going to like it a lot.”

The person responsible to turn the impossible into possible is none other than Shrikant Tuli, Madhurima Tuli’s brother who directed the music video. When asked about his experience, he shares,

“So the idea of Khwabeeda came to me one and a half year back when my friend and singer Anurag Mohn shared the song with me. It was such a brilliant composition and I felt that Madhurima Di and Vishal Bhai perfectly fit in, and fortunately and when I shared it with them. They both loved the song and concept, and we just knew this is something we have to make. I am absolutely thrilled that Khwabeeda is the first song from my music label SVMT Music. I still can’t believe that it’s actually released, my dream has finally come true. I had always picturized Madhurima and Vishal for this song. I am glad that they both agreed to do this music video.”

Watch the song here: 

The music video has been produced by Swati Sinha & Rewati Raman. It is sung by Anurag Mohn, Sumit Sharma being the label head. The dance directors were Tarun Nihalani and Shivani Patel.

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