Posted on January 6, 2021 at 7:00 am

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Hina Khan: “I’m happy to see Lines being acknowledged and appreciated”

Adding one more prominent achievement to her list. Hina Khan has gained International recognition with a best actress award for her film, ‘Lines‘. That is at the ‘Montgomery International Film Festival based in USA.

Hina Khan: "I am happy to see Lines being acknowledged and appreciated"
Hina Khan: “I am happy to see Lines being acknowledged and appreciated”

Not only has Hina won an award for her stellar performance in ‘Lines’. The film was also nominated in the best picture category at the MIFF awards.

Lines was Rahat Kazmi Films produced and is under HIROS FAAR BETTER FILMS. A production house started by Hina and partner Rocky Jaiswal.

The film was shot in Kashmir and the poster unveiling happened at the prestigious Cannes film film festival in 2019. It is marking Hina’s big redcarpet debut.

After Covid struck, the film has started seeing light at various film festivals. That is across india and at an International level.

The film, so far has been highly applauded for its concept. The way it has been narrated and shot and Hina’s brilliant performance.

An ecstatic Hina shares,

“Lines is our baby as it gave me a headstart into films. The poster launch and unveiling which happened at the Cannes film festival in 2019. Making it my Cannes debut, makes the film an even more special one for me. I am happy to see Lines being acknowledged and appreciated. The awards and nominations at the MIFF film festival are definitely the cherry on the cake for the entire team.

The life story that my character ‘Nazia’ narrates through Lines is beautiful, heartwarming, filled with challenges. So much intensity, that is was a wonderful experience portraying such a diverse role. Also, Rahat Kazmi played a very important and pivotal role in taking the story forward and shaping up every character, for which I thank him. I now hope that we can soon show the film outside of film festivals to the rest of the world.”

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