Posted on January 21, 2021 at 5:00 am

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5 must watch horror comedies that promise you chills and thrills

Too busy laughing to remember to be scared? Or too scared to remember why you were laughing? It’s this feeling that makes horror comedies our go-to genre.

5 must watch horror comedies that promise you chills and thrills
5 must watch horror comedies that promise you chills and thrills

Mounting tension, precise timing, and big jolts. Both genres play on these themes and we’ve put together a list of horror-comedies. It promise you chills and thrills.


One of the biggest surprise hits in B-Town, Stree was based on an urban legend. It revolve around a female spirit that abducted young men at night. Directed by Amar Kaushik, the film feature Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead. Absolutely hit the right notes with its effective presentation and plot.

Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai: 

This MX Original Series sees four friends Nikhil, Subbu, Kavi and Sanki. They rejoice as they find a 4 B.H.K for a measly rent, in a city like Mumbai. Their joy is short lived when they find out that they would be sharing their amazing new flat. With a newly acquired roommate who is a ghost.

The comedy of horror begins when the beautiful Mausam comes for their housewarming party. Starring Swara Bhasker, Sumeet Vyas, Naveen Kasturia, Amol Parashar & Ashish Verma. The 5-episodic series, directed by Gaurav Sinha. It will stream for FREE, starting 22nd January exclusively on MX Player.

Official Bhootiyagiri: 

The series traces the out-of-the-ordinary life of Dilawar Rana. The one who is offered a deal to stay out of jail, but a condition is thrust upon him. He must run a dodgy hotel owned by his family and make it profitable. The catch? The hotel is haunted and Dilawar must go beyond mere mortals and emerge triumphant when pitted against a bhoot. This one’s the perfect amalgamation of horror and comedy spread over five episodes that can be streamed on MX Player.


Great Grand Masti: 

Amar, Meet and Prem go into a small town where they encounter a ‘femme fatale’ in the form of Ragini. Ragini is everything they had dreamed of, but she slowly turns into their worst nightmare. This supernatural comedy definitely makes it to our watch list.

Go Goa Gone: 

Touted as India’s first zom-com, this slacker comedy is about three buddies vacationing in Goa. Only to find themselves amidst zombies. Who can forget Saif Ali Khan as the gun-toting, blond-haired Delhiite masquerading. As the Russian mafioso Boris, and spewing dialogues like ‘I kill dead people’? Some great performances, explosive one-liners and sharp editing makes this a definite watch!

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