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John Abraham is all praise for Squad

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Action star John Abraham was shown the teaser of Nilesh Sahay’s Squad and he was blown away.

John Abraham is all praise for Squad
John Abraham is all praise for Squad

Says John Abraham,

“The teaser is fantastic and Nilesh executes action sequences with utmost ease. Squad is a very well mounted film. I am sure the audience will love this one. It’s nothing like anything anyone has seen here.”

The film marks the acting debut of Danny Denzongpa’s son Rinzing Denzongpa along with Maalvika Raaj.

Talking about Rinzing, John adds,

“Rinzing is fabulous and I am sure he would blow everyone away with his action.”

Films always coursed through Nilesh Zaheeda Sahay who not only directed Squad. But produced, wrote, edited and partly stunt coordinated it.

John adds,

”Very few people get action the way Nilesh does.”

Nilesh on the other hand says,

 “Action is something that I live breath, eat…I have dedicated my life to it. It’s very kind of John to shower us with praise. He is  a mega action star and his words mean the world.”

Needless to say, with stunt coordinator Keir Beck who has worked on film Mad Max Fury among other films, Squad sees MIG 16, helicopter chases, 400 action stuntmen.
The film seems to be the homage to every action film ever, considering that the director himself. It has been through special ops training. The climax of the film especially has been much talked about.

Says Nilesh confidently,

“It’s one of the biggest climax seen on Indian screen.”

Squad has emerged victor bracing the pandemic. The revolution in Belarus as it’s the first Indian film to ever be filmed there.

“We along with one other film were the only movies to be film in Europe in the last 9 months it was one of the greatest challenges of my life but we got it done.” Says Nilesh.

Talking about the lead actors of Squad Rinzing and Malvika, Nilesh says,

“Rinzing is six feet four inches tall.  He is magnanimous, one of the most respectful and nice guys I have ever known. I can say this confidently that an “action star is born.”

“Malavika is fantastic. She was a child star who has grown up to be a performer-actor; the way she has worked is outstanding. Both the actors are fantastic and have a great career ahead.”

Squad is presented by Zee Studios along with his IMEN (Indian Media Entertainment Network) and Nilesh is all praise for his partners.

“Zee is an amazing company and I’m honoured to have partnered with them on Squad.” He says

Ask Nilesh about what is next on cards and he reveals,

“We have a very robust lineup for 2021-22. With three films, an action romantic comedy, a desi actioner, and a true blue epic massive action film, along with an action web series, all of which would be announced in the months to come; the years to come are going to be full of action.”

Squad is slated to release theatrically coming summer.

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