Posted on December 29, 2020 at 8:30 am

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Balraj to be a part of Actors Cricket Bash (ACB)

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Apart from being one of the best comedian and host in the industry, Balraj is also know for his passion for cricket.

Balraj to be a part of Actors Cricket Bash (ACB)
Balraj to be a part of Actors Cricket Bash (ACB)

He has been part of Box Cricket League and Celebrity Cricket League previously. Now will be part of another cricket league called Actors Cricket Bash (ACB).

Balraj is part of ‘Mumbai Aces’ which is captained by actor Sharad Kelkar.

“Balraj wears his love for the sport on his sleeve. Right from putting his daily wishlist and updates on the international matches. On his social media platforms, to playing local cricket along with his friends when in town. The matches will be played with a season ball and preparations and practice sessions are on in full swing.”

Commenting on the same, Balraj says,

“Cricket is something which has been an integral part of my life since childhood. What makes ACB special is that the matches will be played. According to international rules with 15 overs per side. Playing in that atmosphere always gets one’s adrenaline pumping and really looking forward to healthy sledging between friends on field.” he concludes.

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