Posted on November 24, 2020 at 8:00 am

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Sonu Nigam Lashes Out At Media – Read Details

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Sonu Nigam is one of the few personalities in Bollywood who is known for speaking his mind out on topics.

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

He strongly feels about. Recently, Sonu put out a video on his social media platforms. Lashing out at certain publications and trolls for taking his comments out of context.

In a recent Interview with a website Sonu gave a statement saying ‘I don’t want my son to become a singer, atleast not in India’.

The statement was turned and twisted by certain media publications which resulted in misreporting. Thus, Sonu came out with the video to make his stance clear.

Commenting on the same, Sonu says,

“It was a very warm and positive conversation with the interviewer. The one who very sweetly inquired about whether I am working on creating a singer out of my son. I have a template answer for most. But this time I elaborated to her. As to why I think I shouldn’t force him to be something that I want him to become.”

Talking about his son, Nevaan, Sonu said,

“Nevaan is a very wise and positive soul with diverse talents from painting to gaming to music to film directing and editing. He is also more into Western music. I don’t intend to create another Nepo kid in the business purposely. Unless he himself is engulfed with the desire to pursue music.

Not my decision for him. Outside India, he’ll be making a fresh start, on his own terms. Currently he’s unofficially the number 2 gamer of the game Fortnite in the entire Emirates. I’d rather be a father who’s encouraging his child in following his passion than someone austere and imposing my ideas of his future.”

“I wasn’t coaxed into music by my parents. I was one of the toppers of my school and active in all other activities. Music, later, became my own choice of career and my parents wholeheartedly supported me to pursue my passion which had by then turned into prayer. And instead of appreciating the modern and sensible parenting approach of today’s parents like me, some news articles stooped to a new low by not just actually quoting the lowest of trolls who have neither the standing nor the common sense to reason, but also glamorized them. Thus it was important to expose the miscreants in the garb of news providers,” adds Sonu.

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