Posted on November 6, 2020 at 4:00 am

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LUDO Is Sanya Malhotra’s 2nd Project With Anurag Basu

When it comes to versatility and talent, Sanya Malhotra is definitely one of the best. While she is working with the best.

Sanya Malhotra Joins The Cast Of Vidya Balan Starrer Shakuntala Devi - Human Computer
Sanya Malhotra Joins The Cast Of Vidya Balan Starrer Shakuntala Devi – Human Computer

Her upcoming movie Ludo brings backs her fond memories of working with director Anurag Basu.

She shot for an ad with him 5 years before and wanted to always work in his movie ever since.

Talking about her dream come true and her experience working with Anurag, Sanya shares,

“This is before Dangal happened. I did an ad for Anurag Basu. I was nobody and it was with Ranbir Kapoor. He was the lead and I was a part with alot of people in the ad. In one shot, every actor who was present on the set. To dance and when my chance came, dada told me. That climb on this steps and start dancing. I remember it was my solo shot and I went all out with that dance skit and impressed dada with my dancing skills. I remember I was so happy. Anurag Basu was so impressed with my dancing skills.”

While shooting for that ad film, Sanya wasn’t an actor then. Sharing more on the same, she says,

“I was not an actor at that point of time. I would do these small ads that time and receiving a compliment from Anurag Basu was a very big thing for me. I couldn’t believe that. I am going to do an ad with Anurag Basu and he said that. I can be a really good actor. I had this in mind and it was like a dream.  I just couldn’t believe my stars, this is something that I’ve always wanted.”

Adding further more Sanya shares,

“I remember I was prepping up for Dangal and that day. I got a call from Anurag Basu from this unknown number. The moment I picked up he told me, ‘Sanya I am Anurag Basu, remember we did an ad together’. He told me that ‘I am writing something. Once I’m done I’ll call you’ then I told him that I got Dangal. He was so happy for me. Today after three years I’ve got to work with him and it is a big thing for me as an actor”

Sanya’s recent portrayal of Anupama Banerji was widely appreciated. The diligence that she puts into her character is remarkable and her upcoming character Ludo.

She looks bold, edgy, confident and very promising. We cannot wait to see the magic of this director- actor duo unfold on the big screen.

With this, the refreshing pairing of Sanya-Aditya is soaring the temperatures high. Their sizzling scenes from the trailer has won our hearts and we await for the movie to release.

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