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Ekta Kapoor Changes The Game In Bigg Boss 14

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Weekend Ka Vaar 14: The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes have always been a highlight in Bigg Boss. Master host Salman Khan is on top of his game as he interacts with the contestants and sets things on the right track.

Ekta Kapoor changes the game in Bigg Boss 14
Ekta Kapoor changes the game in Bigg Boss 14

Joining him in this exciting episode is the Czarina of Indian television, Ekta Kapoor.

Both Salman Khan and Ekta Kapoor interact with the contestants. They give them a set of activities that put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The very first activity given to the firebrand Kavita Kaushik. The one who has to put a red stamp on the faces of those contestants who she felt do not deserve to be competing with her.

As captain, Kavita first chooses Aly and brands him with the stamp. Next up is Jasmin, who changes the game and imitate Kavita. As she describes why Jasmin isn’t fit to compete with her. Her mimicry lits a smile on everyone’s faces and even Salman compliments her for it.

Next up, Ekta Kapoor joins Salman Khan and gives the housemates a hilarious activity. She asks them to imitate their fellow housemates and everyone is in splits about this activity. Kavita is made to act like Eijaz while Rubina has to act like Pavitra.

Everyone, including Eijaz and Pavitra themselves are seen laughing at the hilarious act that Kavita and Rubina put up.

Next is Nikki acting as Jasmin and Eijaz acting as Abhinav which makes for some really hilarious situations. In fact, Salman himself mimics Pavitra and the housemates and Ekta are all in splits!

The fun and laughter turn serious when Ekta meets the housemates face to face. They drills them about their game in the show.

Ekta first asks Nikki why she takes up certain issues and drops them halfways. Nikki tells Ekta that she is behaving just the way housemates are behaving with her. She does not see any real friends in the house.

Rubina is also questioned by Ekta Kapoor as to why her game always depends on her hubby, Abhinav. Ekta explains to Rubina that she doesn’t always have to agree with Abhinav. She does not need to follow him always but play her own game.

Will Kavita earn more enemies in the house? Will Rubina be able to maintain her own and play a game different from Abhinav?

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