Posted on November 30, 2020 at 4:00 am

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Bismil: “ I am planning to release a romantic number in the starting of 2021”

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After releasing original composition “Tere Bina” singer Bismil is all geared up for Punjabi song “Ki Kita” under White Hill Music, featuring Bismil, Aakanksha Sareen and Nawab Faizii.

Bismil: “I am planning to release a romantic number in the starting of 2021”
Bismil: “I am planning to release a romantic number in the starting of 2021”

Bismil’s peppy song Ki Kita was written by Gulsher and music is given by GoldBoy.

While in conversation with UrbanAsian, Bismil opens up about his new track Ki Kita, his experience working with Golden Boy and Gulsher and more. 

Hi Bismil, Congratulation as your new song ‘Ki Kita’ as is receiving such a great response. 

-Thank you! It feels amazing that Ki Kita is getting so much love from everyone!

1. You have created such a interesting track ‘Ki Kita ’ for us this time. How did the idea of this track come out? 

I always wanted to do a punjabi song and I was trying to figure it out and then I met this amazing lyricist _Gulsher_ randomly on instagram and then we worked really hard together on the script and lyrics. I composed the song on my harmonium 1.5 years back, and then with everything in place the team got together and the result of our hard-work is out now!

2. How challenging was it for you to shoot and showcase the whole story in that limited time ? 

It was pretty challenging for me as I am not punjabi and I didn’t the proper accent. So, the music producer ” _Goldboy_ ” helped a lot improving my punjabi skills. He was also present at the recording.

3. How is your experience working with Golden Boy and Gulsher. Is there any interesting incident that happened during the shoot that you can share with us? 

Video wise, it was a 2 day shoot and both the days we were in a hurry that it has to be completed in two days. As we had multiple shots and locations so, we were on a tight schedule.

4. How was it working with the label White Hill Music. How was the creative work space? 

It was an amazing experience working with them, with our collective efforts ‘Ki Kita’ was made possible. Without White Hill Music it wouldn’t have been made possible, a huge thank you to them for their support and efforts!

5. If you have to choose between doing an independent single or bollywood song what would you like to do? 

I can’t choose between the 2 of them because as a singer. I have not restricted myself towards any genre of music.

6. Name any three singers that you wish to work in future?

  • Shreya Ghoshal
  • Jonita Gandhi
  • Arijit Singh

7. Who is your inspiration in the music industry?

My source of inspiration is not just one person, there are quite a few people from the industry that I look upto, like Rafi sahab, Kishor Da, sonu Nigam, Lata ji, Arijit Singh. 

8. After this what are you planning next?

My songs have been about love and heartbreak, but this time I am planning to release a romantic number in the starting of 2021. We have already started working on it. 

9. A message that you would like to give to your fans during this tough time?

I would like to say that please be safe and never give up on your passion. I know this is a very challenging time for the all of us which is affecting our aim and goal. But, this too shall pass. Take care of your parents and yourself. We are together in this!

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