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A Valentine’s Day Story Hindi Romantic Touching Love Story

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A Valentine’s Day Story Hindi Romantic Touching Love Story

A Valentine’s Day Story (An Ode to you) – Hindi Romantic Touching Love Story

14th February is known as the day of love, the day of happiness, the day of celebrations. Two people in love, express their feelings and celebrate their togetherness and the precious and wonderful feeling that they share until 14th February 2019.

Rizwann Sikander
Rizwann Sikander

The film is directed by Jafar Shaikh, produced by Jafar Shaikh, Bipul Joseph, and screenplay by Amish Sagar. The music and sound are given by Bhoomi Trivedi, Keshav k. The credit for editing goes to Miraj Ali and the cinematographer is Mandar Lonker.

The leading actors in the film are Amandeep Kaur, Rizwan Sikander – Sukhwinder Singh, Vandana Marathe – Amarjeet Kaur, Krishna k – Darshan Singh, Raj Mathur – Harjeet Singh, Leena pandit – Manjeet Kaur.

A Valentine’s Day Story based on true events.

About Rizwann Sikander

Rizwann Sikander is an Indian Actor turned Producer. Born in Makrana city, Rajasthan, a state which beautifies all elements of Arts and Craft. Since childhood, he grew up watching world cinema from the vast collection of movies owned by his Father’s video library. This became his foundation for a career in the entertainment industry. These movies nourished his inner skills of dancing and acting, so he moved to Mumbai with his family in 1991. After coming to the ‘City Of Dreams’ Rizwann realized that getting proper training in this field is absolutely essential.

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