Posted on October 7, 2020 at 3:00 am

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Hina Khan As Senior Is Ruling Bigg Boss 14 House

Hina Khan has till date been one of the most loved and anticipated contestants of the Bigg Boss house.
Hina Khan As Senior Is All Set To Rule Bigg Boss 14
Hina Khan

Not only in season 11 as a contestant has Hina managed to win hearts, but she has also consecutively been a part of the other seasons of the show as a prominent face.

Going back to 2016 before her entry into Bigg Boss as a contestant, Hina had stepped foot into the house for good friend Rohan Mehra to lend a supportive hand. 2017 saw her as runner up and one of the strongest lady’s of season 11.
After which in 2018 she was seen on the show twice, and 2019 saw Hina enter the house five times which included promotions for her projects as well to conduct the elite member task which was rated to be among the highest trp episodes of the season.
Hina will now be entering the Bigg Boss house for the 5th time with season 14, this time bringing in with her a lot of tips, advice and fun twists and turns to make the start of the season interesting.
Among a host of ex contestants who are set to enter the house as mentors along with Hina, her entry is being much awaited among them all as she is and always will be the true Sher Khan of the Bigg Boss house.

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