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Here Are The 5 Tips To Get A Perfect Life Partner

You have always come across a saying “Shaadi Ka Ladoo– Jo khaye wo pachhtaye Jaur jo na khaye wo bhi pachhtaye, to behtar khaa k pachhtao .”

Here Are The 5 Tips To Get A Perfect Life Partner
Here Are The 5 Tips To Get A Perfect Life Partner

Marriage is a big deal and the question of getting married is a very big decision to make.

One should not take the question of marriage lightly because marriage is a part of life and once you tie a knot with someone, it’s very difficult to get out of it.

So, before taking the decision of marrying someone, ask yourself a lot of questions and evaluate what you actually want from your married life and what you expect your better half to be like.

Here are a few things that will help you to choose a right life partner to get married to:

1. Marry someone who is easy to open up to

Someone who is close to you and shares everything with you is really a very good sign. But if that someone is determined to keep secrets from you, then is not good.

If he/she is very secretive, then the person is bound to be very secretive in your married life too.

Secrets frustrate love, breeds mistrust between the partners and also inhibit closeness.

2. Know the person’s view on sex

Someone’s views on sex matters a lot.

A person’s opinions on sex will indicate to you how they’ll handle sex in marriage. Someone with a loose view of sex has a high chance of being unfaithful in marriage.

Someone who uses the fact of being single to sleep around casually might find it hard to stay faithful even after the marriage vows.

3. How he/she handles disappointments and tempers

Disappointments will be there in life and not everything will go as per your plan.

Take a close study of how the person responds at the time of disappointment. Is that person hot-tempered? Do they abuse you when they are angry? Do they say regrettable things or disown you?

If yes, then please take care, because this things can change into violence later on.

4. Does he/she take finances seriously?

Life is full of ups and downs and so, with good times, people experience bad times as well. Try not to fall for someone with whom you can chill with, go for someone with whom you can build with.

Choose the right life partner.

Money has the power that can destroy a relationship. So before marriage, try to know how that person handles money or the lack of it.

As Indians say: “Lakshmi chanchal hoti hai.” Money has the power to add up or dwindle your love. Can it also create feelings of despise in each other because of the abundance of wealth?

5. Partner’s relationship with his/her ex

Try to know whether your future partner is caught up in his or her past or not.

Unresolved matters can haunt your future life, like why did the relationship with the ex end? What was the matter? Was it his/her fault or not?

So these are the things by which you can know whether to get married to the person or not. But even if your findings are bad, you may not necessarily leave. You can bring the issues to the attention of the person, saying “I don’t like the things you do”. Ask them to change and inspire the growth in that person.

Remember: some things are non-negotiable. You can only inspire a person to change but it totally depends upon the person if he/she is willing to change or not.

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