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The Good Gun: ‘I chose to become Indian pilot as the role was tough’, Says Vikram Malhan

Model Vikram Malhan all set to make his digital debut with his upcoming short film ‘The Good Gun’.
Vikram Malhan
Vikram Malhan

The handsome actor in conversation with UrbanAsian, opens up about his upcoming project.

His experience in an action film, his digital opportunities and more.
  • It’s been more than five months and we all are stuck in this lockdown. How are you spending this productive time? 

– In this Lockdown I have been reading a lot, books and articles etc. Gathering more information about what is going on. Doing something constructive either watching or reading.
  • We all know that you have worked with some great brands as a model. So when was it that you decided to transform this model into a fantastic actor?  
–  When I started modelling I did it for a while and understood that its not the only thing I want. Also modelling has a very short life you can’t really model all your life. So I wanted something more in life and one day I realised that this is not making me happy. And then found my happiness in Acting and thought of pursuing it further. 
  •  Tell us something about your upcoming project ‘The Good Gun’.
– Firstly It’s a very special film for all of us ,  as it has got all emotions, action, anger in it. Also the message in the movie is something makes this movie special. That War is not the solution of all our problems and with love and affection we can conquer anything in life.
  • What is the most challenging part when you were stuck in a ‘Man Vs Wild’ situation in the jungle with Siddharth Arora?   
– Action was the challenging part to shoot. Those few punches and fights were real as we didnt have any stuntman in the movie. We tried to make it look as real as possible. Also being in the jungle- the mud, the sweat, the blood, all these small things- was a tiring process but worth it. The Script too demanded the concentration as the dialogues were very heavy as playing a part of any forces the language used. It is not very casual it was crisp and hard so these things were little tough and challenging. 
  •  How did you prepare to become an Indian AirForce pilot and how was the feeling playing such a powerful role?

– When the director came to me and read the script there was an option for me to become either Indian or Pakistani Pilot. So I chose to become Indian pilot as the role was tougher and challenging. On the other hand, Pakistani Pilot’s dialogues were less and the role was subtle in comparison. The role demanded difficult emotions to portrait and it was his mastermind. To how they can get out of the situation in which they were trapped, so yes it was very powerful role.
  • Your short film is soon going to be released on an OTT platform. What do you think about the digital space in terms of opportunities? 

– I am very new and hence I don’t really know much about the OTT platforms. I hope we get a good platform and the movie gets it’s utmost recognition from the people. I want it to reach as many people as the content is very relevant and powerful. As people say that digital is growing Big in India. It will help me and my talent to reach to more and more audiences.
  • You are born and raised in Delhi and have entered the city of dreams Mumbai. State any three things that you like about Mumbai? 
–  In Mumbai people come here from different parts of the country and make their dreams come true. The whole harmony in which people live here is very satisfying. The whole vibe of the city carries some extra positivity. Once you are in the city you sometimes crib about things here. But if you are not in the city you miss that vibe.
  • As you are a newcomer is there any difficulty that you have faced being an outsider and making your mark in the industry?

– Of Course as I am an outsider it is difficult nor do I have any Godfather no extra push by any family or any known person everything. It is on my own hard work. So in general it’s not easy being an outsider to be at the right place at the right time as people say so. Yes sometimes you need that support, but I have none till date and I have built everything on my own.
  • Every actor has some wish-list to work. Ahead which actors/actresses you want to work with?

– I honestly will work with whoever I get an opportunity with since I believe everyone is equally talented and probably more talented and experienced than me. So for me working with any director/filmmaker/actor would be a dream come true.
  •  Apart from this what other projects are you planning to work on?

– Currently I am awaiting the release of this short film. What’s going on in the world, as of now nothing is lined up, but I am hoping to start reading scripts and meeting directors soon.

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