Posted on August 26, 2020 at 10:00 am

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Women’s Equality Day 2020: Joshi Twins Anuja Joshi and Aneesha Joshi Have An Empowering Message

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Anuja Joshi and Aneesha Joshi are not just making their presence felt with strong roles on screen.

Anuja Joshi and Aneesha Joshi
Anuja Joshi and Aneesha Joshi

Also for being vocal on social media. The twins who have followed their aunt’s (Pallavi Joshi) footsteps embarking on a career in tinsel town are winning hearts with their empowering posts.

Today, on the occasion of Women’s Equality Day, the sisters have shared an inspiring message to all the women out there. The who are trying to excel at what they do and break free from the societal stereotypes.

They posted gorgeous b/w pictures which exudes independence, power and free spirit.

Born and raised in the west, the sisters have had their fair share of tryst as ‘women of colour’ and their challenges have only made them stronger.

So, they took to the occasion to reach out to their tribe and inspire in their own little way.

Speaking about gender equality actor Anuja Joshi said,

“Not only should I be given equal pay to my male counterparts but equal opportunity to participate in telling stories and being a participant in the larger conversation… rather than being pressured to fit into a mould that was created by men. (Beauty, figure, skin tone, sex appeal etc)”.

While in Bollywood, nepotism has been under the scanner off late. The western entertainment industry has been grappling with racial discrimination for a while now.

Women of colour in entertainment have a lot of difficulties getting noticed as they don’t always have the right representation.

Veteren actors like Meryl Streep have addressed this at awards while closer to home. Priyanka Chopra bagged mainstream roles in Hollywood heating up the debate furthermore.

The sisters feel that in this profession, men often get billed higher and paid higher than women.

That’s an accepted practice and that women centric stories don’t get as much traction as male led stories.

Anuja playing the lead role in Hello Mini is itself an example of change. Now with her Instagram post along with her sister Aneesha we are sure that their beauty is skin deep- fortified with brains and brawn.

Here’s wishing these fierce women more strength and power! check out what they posted on Instagram:




This Women’s Equality Day we want to share this message to all of our followers: 

If you have pure dedication and a strong sense of self, you can achieve all that you set your mind to. Empower the women around you to believe in themselves! A little bit of confidence can certainly go a long way. As women we may have our own set of challenges to face in order to be “taken seriously”, but we as a sisterhood, standing in solidarity, can make massive waves of change.

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