Posted on July 1, 2020 at 6:49 pm

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Pearl V Puri takes a road trip from Mumbai – Agra to unite with his family*

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TV actor Pearl V Puri drove from Mumbai to Agra to unite with his parents after staying away from them all these months during the lockdown. The relaxations the regulations got him an opportunity to be with his family finally. With flights available as a quick option to travel, the actor chose to go on a road trip to his home town as though it is a little tiring but surely is the safest way to commute in this pandemic.

Pearl V Puri shared,

“This pandemic has definitely made us realize the importance of families in our lives. That we must coexist with other living beings in nature and show love and respect to all. I might sound philosophical here, but that’s what I felt during these days,” he explains.

Pearl V Puri has always made sure to keep traveling to meet his family every 2-3 months in the time between his shoots and not be able to meet his parents for so long got him anxious and meeting his mother and father is definitely sight for sore eyes.

He talked also about one of the major reasons for going to his parents,

“Since the lockdown, my mother has been worried about my health. And after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and so much happening, she would often end up crying while talking on the phone. That was one of the major reasons why I decided to undertake the journey,”

Not only did he spoke about his family but also about how he has been making most out of this time at home, ” I was writing and composing songs during the lockdown. I plan to do more now.” And we are excited to know as the actor has debuted last year with a single ‘Peerh Meri’.

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