Posted on June 22, 2020 at 9:54 pm

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Why It Is Wrong To Compare Our Struggle With Those Of The Less Fortunate: Sumrit Shahi

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Why It Is Wrong To Compare Our Struggle With Those Of The Less Fortunate: Sumrit Shahi

The lockdown, courtesy Covid-19, made our lives take a brief pause. This came as a happy pause for some and a terrifying one for the others. Everyone struggled to get their hands on the basic needs of survival. And writer Sumrit Shahi feels that the struggles of the privileged ones and that of the less fortunate ones are completely different and it would be wrong to compare them.

He feels that now our lives are restricted to roti, kapda, and makaan, and said, “The quality of roti, kapda, and makaan, the two classes are having to deal with are very different, and it would be very wrong to compare our struggle with the struggles of those who are less fortunate.”

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He further added, “People who are privileged, even though they have to clean their own houses, clean their dishes, they have a comfortable house to live in, but there are people on the street who are still making their basic ends meet in this difficult times and it very unfair for them.”

Sumrit has written shows like “Sadda Haq – My life, my choice”, ” Boyz” and “Pyar Tune Kya Kia”, among others. He is currently in his hometown Chandigarh with his family.

He also spoke about the bitter truth that a disease doesn’t differentiate between classes and masses.

“This lockdown has taught us that disease does not differentiate based on your class or money. Yes, the scope for luxuries has gone for a toss because we sacrificed our health to earn the wealth, which we thought was the most important thing,” Sumrit said.


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