Posted on March 24, 2020 at 12:40 am

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When You Get To Beat-Box Rahman Style On TikTok

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When You Get To Beat-Box Rahman Style On TikTok

When You Get To Beat-Box Rahman Style On TikTok TikTok allows artists and creators the freedom to connect, collaborate, and make content that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, it is an engaging, entertaining content platform for artists to find a vast audience and build momentum. Emerging musicians are using the platform to spark a career and making efforts to get their music to reach the ears of potential fans.

One such music creator, born on TikTok, happens to be the first beatboxer from Gujarat. Jesus Mehta started learning to beatbox because his mother told him there was not enough space for a drum set in their Surat home. He practiced on his way to college while riding his bike and posted his creations on TikTok. Today, while he has an engineering degree, Mehta wants to pursue a career in music, his first love, and the No.1 reason for this is his 954.7k growing fans on TikTok.

To create an epic experience for TikTok born artists, the platform planned s surprise meeting for him with his idol; A. R. Rahman. The 24year old beat-boxer had the opportunity to jam with Grammy Award winner A.R. Rahman and also interact with him. Check out their video here: TikTok

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