Posted on March 28, 2020 at 6:16 am

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Roshan Mathews Gaining Prominence On International Grounds

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Roshan Mathews Gaining Prominence On International Grounds

Roshan Mathews Gaining Prominence On International Grounds. Roshan Mathews, an Indian actor who has predominantly worked in Malayalam movies, continues to gain prominence on international grounds. Roshan has trained in acting from Kochi, Mumbai, Athens, and LA recently signed his next feature film which is to be directed by Manjeet Singh who’s the last film Mumbai Cha Raja was the official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival.

For the uninitiated, Roshan Mathews is an actor who’s dabbled in cinema as well as theater. His Malayalam film Aadu was a commercial success and he followed it with another Malayalam box office earner, Dry: The days after which released in 2017. His love for acting took him beyond the barriers of mediums and he trained and performed a theater show in Greece called The Shipwrecked sailor, an adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book of the same name.

Roshan has also worked in a short film titled ‘American Hate’, based on the 2017 incident of two Indian IT employees who were shot in a bar in Kansas. The film is currently doing the festival rounds and has already been selected at the Indie short Fest, the Independent short awards and Georgia short film festival.

In his second short film, Ayesha focused on accepting a homosexual family member in Indian society.

With Manjeet Singh’s next Roshan will portray a role he hasn’t attempted before across mediums. The film is a political satire that puts the spotlight on people who go to various lengths to assert their respective political ideologies, as influenced by society.

Roshan Mathews continues to pursue engaging and thought-provoking narratives through film and theaters across India and USA, in his quest for interesting work that can challenge him as an actor and push him beyond his boundaries.

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