Posted on August 29, 2019 at 10:16 am

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Sonam Kapoor: I believe in the destiny. I believe in karma

Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salman were present at the trailer launch event of The Zoya Factor. They talked about the movie, luck, destiny and their experiences.


Dulquer Salman and Sonam Kapoor
Dulquer Salman and Sonam Kapoor

Sonam when asked about destiny and luck and will this movie give any negative things to the audience, she says,

“I believe in the destiny. Why is it that I’m born in such a family and no one else is. I believe in karma. Your life is like a bank balance, aap usme jitna daaloge utna aapko mil jaega. God only knows whats right and wrong. And people can decide their own things.”


Dulquer is back in Bollywood after Karwaan and we asked him how does he feel coming back with a movie in Bollywood?
To this the talented actor replies,

“I’m excited and I think the kind of thing that come my way. I want to keep changing up my genre and surprise audience. I don’t believe in luck. Can’t decide my future thinking about luck.


As we all know that Bollywood is nowadays coming up with movies wherein the female character is stronger than a man’s character, one such thing was asked to Sonam that some top stars don’t like to feature where the roles of female character is stronger than theirs?


The beautiful actress says, it depends on the person and their confidence level. I think my father did films like Beta and Ladla where women had prominent roles and he’s still the superstar. When I saw that I couldn’t understand why men don’t think the same way, because it doesn’t matter (your role) when the film is good. But then there are lot of men like Dhanush and Dulquer who understands this and they are doing best in life which is progressive.


Dulquer was asked as he has entered new industries have he been advised that do this or that to work here?

“I’ve had alot of advices but I’m like thank you but let me figure this myself. I strongly believe in good cinena. I chose films that I want to watch. A strong female character is okay as long as my character excites me and it makes you guys like watching me too.”


The Zoya Factor is based on the book by Anuja Chauhan which was titled The Zoya Factor. Directed by Abhishek Sharma, The Zoya Factor stars Sonam Kapoor and Dulaqer Salmaan in the lead roles. Fox Star Studios is producing the film and will release on Sept, 20, 2019.

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