Posted on June 25, 2019 at 11:18 am


This Is What Helped Richa Chadha To Prepare For Her Role In Panga

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Richa Chadha has filled out one impressive role after another. The actress has enjoyed a rare feat of having characters which have become iconic. Sometimes the actress has even had the privilege of playing characters which have become her off-screen identity. The actress is known by many names to her fans, Bholi Punjaban, Devi, Nagma, each representative of her on-screen avatars.




Richa Chadha is currently busy shooting for Ashwinyi Iyer Tiwari’s Panga which is based on the Indian sport of Kabbadi.


The actress has been in the news for a variety for of prep work she has been doing for the past few months in bits between fitness and learning the sport.


While her larger than life on screen avatar always precedes, very little is known about her background and her modest beginnings. These are the deep roots Richa looks forward to being influenced by and embody whenever give a chance. Panga gave her exactly that, given that Richa’s on-screen character required a Bihari influence on her role, especially her dialect.


Richa used her roots from her maternal side being from Bihar to embody that into her role and ace it naturally. Richa’s on-screen efforts are always engraved into her personal life experiences, and this one too comes from there. Her upbringing from a middle-class household in Delhi to stardom in Bollywood has been inspirational. But the actress uses every bit of her traditions when she can on screen.


Speaking about it, Richa said,

“Very few people know of my origins and where I come from. My maternal side of the family are Biharis and I have a huge extended family living in that belt. I have always been closely knitted to both my paternal and maternal cultures. Having grown up in a house where I was exposed to a variety of languages, customs and cultures, I’m fortunate I get to use these experiences as an actor, it really is a blessing. My part in Panga is very interesting and happens to be from that region and I was always familiar with the accent, words, language and an understating of a local dialect. I used this to the best of my capacity to bring authenticity to the character”.

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