Posted on June 3, 2019 at 6:58 am

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Phoolan Devi’s Life Story To Be Brought To Live On The Screen

Remember the Bandit Queen aka Phoolan Devi?


Phoolan Devi is someone whose life interested everyone. From a peasant to a dacoit to a Member of Parliament, millions have found the power and scope of Phoolan Devi’s myth irresistible. And now the audiences will get to see the story of her life through her eyes.

Phoolan Devi
Phoolan Devi

Umed Singh Bhaiya, the husband of late Phoolan Devi, said that the truth of Phoolan’s life should reach the people.


He said:

“I am very happy that Namah approached us for this endeavour. It’s a tale of a rebel that should inspire women across the world to speak against any atrocity.”


Confirming the same, Kishor Arora of Namah Pictures informs:

“Phoolan Devi is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about personalities of the country. There are important chapters and layers of her life that remain unexplored and the Web Series format gives us the bandwidth to that.”


Shareen Mantri Kedia added:

“In the current digital age, we feel that Phoolan Devi’s stark and immersing tale will find a resonance in audiences across geographies and demographics.”


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