Posted on June 23, 2019 at 5:55 pm

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Mohit Malhotra’s Yoga post on social media surprised many..!

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Mohit Malhotra’s Yoga post on social media surprised many..!


On International Yoga Day 2019, many celebrities have posted their pictures on social media practicing different yoga asanas and Mohit Malhotra’s post comes as a surprise. Mohit Malhotra is another actor who practices yoga and meditation on a regular basis but not many know this fact about him. The actor who is currently seen in Daayan on &TV is certainly busy with his daily soap and misses on his gym visits most days. But what keeps him fit and healthy is his small yoga sessions every day. He believes in leading a healthy lifestyle which is incomplete without the yoga sessions.


@mohitmalhotra9 Yoga Time!

Mohit says,


“Yoga is of utmost importance for Physical as well as Emotional Fitness. I believe that yoga helps to keep the body healthy from every aspect. I don’t always post on social media so I rarely post about my fitness regimes. Thus this Yoga post has surprised many people and it is amusing to see how people know you through social media and people are more surprised to see a guy indulging in yoga. In fact in many articles related to yoga you would see the ratio of female celebrities is more compared to male celebrities. Generally people picture women doing yoga and men going to gym but I strongly feel that Yoga is for everyone and should be practiced by everyone. So all I would say is have a happy, healthy year.”


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