Posted on May 25, 2019 at 10:32 pm

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Yami Gautam Takes Step For Rescue Dogs On Rescue Dog Day

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Yami Gautam Takes Step For Rescue Dogs On Rescue Dog Day

Animal welfare is one of the leading causes which has driven passion and support of celebrities across the globe. Worldwide several organizations world relentlessly for the betterment of animals, their protection and their welfare. In India, there’s a huge population of rescue and sniffer dogs who work with various departments including forest departments and even the armed forces.

Recently Yami was roped in by international organization WWF to be the voice and face of their campaign for the betterment and awareness for the sniffer dogs. Illegal wildlife trade is a growing problem in India and the Indian security forces work with sniffer and rescue dogs to avoid such activities and curb them. Today, 20th May is observed as the International Day of the Rescue Dogs. As a part of the program, Yami will be further extending her support to the cause by making people aware through digital platforms about the need to appreciate the work done by security forces and especially these dogs who are specifically trained to curb such illegal activities.

She intends to make her millions of fans across digital aware of the work that goes into stopping such illegal activities and the amazing work that our furry friends contribute to.

Speaking about it, Yami said, “I’m really happy that WWF and I collaborated on this unique and admirable initiative. I’m happy that I’ve been part of this campaign which helps bring forth the amazing work these lovely four-legged friends of ours do to help curb illegal trading. We just recognize the work put behind training these rescue dogs as it helps in the larger picture of curbing various illegal activities and today being Day of Rescue dogs I’m talking to my audience to make them aware of the work, the importance of the work done and just a general admiration for such initiatives.”

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