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TV Actors Applaud The Decision To Ban Pakistani Artists

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TV Actors Applaud The Decision To Ban Pakistani Artists

TV actors applaud the decision to ban Pakistani artists in the Indian entertainment industry

Following the tragic Phulwama suicide terror attack that took place on February 14, the All Indian Cine Workers Association has banned Pakistani artists to work in the Indian entertainment industry. TV actors give their take on this.

Rohitashv Gour

What happened in Pulwama was a very heart-wrenching incident. If the decision is to ban the artists, then the decision is not wrong. I respect their talent but if Pakistarecognizedoesn’t recognise our talent, art and culture, then we should not do the same in return. So, I support this decision.
I believe the most cowardice act was to attack from the back. In spite of the fact that the terrorists have taken full responsibility, the Pakistani government is asking for proofs to validate the incident. I think India is a basket full of talent and I don’t think we need to depend on other countries’ artists.

Tarun Khurana

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Yes, I support this decision. To my knowledge whatever they get paid as an artist, was going back to Pakistan, like taxes. Now, as we are aware of how countries work, I don’t think these taxes are of any use for their development rather the money will be getting used for more terror attacks.

It’s not about the artists who have got banned. It’s about the income they get from India and taxes which are being taken by Pakistan.

Mahhima Kottary

Pulwama attack is an absolute act of cowardice. For me, the nation is above everything else and there is a need to stand by the country in the present situation. I believe that there is enough talent in our country and artists from our country should be prioritised.

Bhanujeet Singh Sudan
I support this decision. I believe that before artists, they are Pakistanis. These people are killing our jawans and they think that we are going to get entertained by them. My father was in the army and I know about the pain and trauma they undergo. I have huge respect for the Indian army and I feel that they come first and the rest come later.

Jason Shah

I absolutely don’t support this decision as the film industry has nothing to do with it. I think Pakistani artists are not the ones to be blamed. I don’t think the entertainment industry will get affected as such though as the show must go on. But the opportunities for the Pakistani artists, here in India, will be surmised by this decision.

Aniruddh Dave

I have closely seen the life of the army people. I have studied from an army school where most of my friends were from an army background. Whenever their fathers used to go to the border, or they would miss Holi or Diwali or other festivals, I used to see their pain. So, I have seen that when they sacrifice their lives at borders for the country, what their families go through, how painful it is for them. So, I support this decision.

Ssharad Malhotra

I do support this decision. I believe that if the Government has taken this decision then it’s for a cause. I believe most of the work of the Indian TV industry is not treated well in Pakistan. So why should we respect their work and talent here in India? I believe that almost everyone knows that Pakistani terrorists have taken full responsibility for the attack. And still, the Pakistanis are not criticizing the terrorists. So, I think this decision was the need of the situation and we all should support it. I also believe that there is no fault of the artists of Pakistan but the only fault is that they are from Pakistan.

Kishori Shahane Vij

14th Feb was a black day as 42 jawans of CPRF were killed at Phulwama by a suicide bomber of Pakistan. I think the country has no respect for us and are always planning a terrorist attack on our country. So, just to teach them a lesson, a few steps had to be taken. There is no fault of their artists but they belong to Pakistan. I think it’s necessary to retaliate if somebody takes us for granted. So, I do support the decision.

Arjun Bijlani

I am an Indian first and then I am an actor, so I support this decision. If the Government has taken this decision, then we should respect it. I feel the whole country would stand by it. I feel that the Pakistani industry doesn’t have respect for our entertainment industry. We should shower the same in return. I think if banning is the solution that we should break off all ties. No country wants to fight with its neighbours but given the situation, the government has to take some crucial steps.

Tinaa Dattaa

14th Feb was a black day as 42 jawans of CPRF were killed at Phulwama by a suicide bomber of Pakistan. I do support the decision of banning Pakistani artists in the Indian entertainment industry. Also, we have got enough talents in India and above all, unemployment. So, I don’t think we need their talent. It won’t create a wall as we aren’t banning any Muslim artist but only Pakistanis. I believe that one cannot name any Indian actor who’s got a platform and respect in Pakistan.

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