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Mannu Sandhu Canadian Actress Fearless Fierce Ready To Lead

Mannu Sandhu Canadian Actress Fearless Fierce Ready To Lead

In a country of more than 1.2 billion people, Mannu Sandhu landed in Mumbai to make a space for herself. Bollywood is an industry where making space is extremely tough, if not impossible. So what took this Canadian actress far away from home?

It is easy to understand why Mannu Sandhu would emerge as an actress especially after she worked as a full-time Correctional Officer for the Government of BC, Canada. It is her love for the culture and passion for acting. It wasn’t just her fierce, terrifying performance as Preet in the film Highway 5. But she is also a working actress in the best sense who adores being in front of the camera.

In Bollywood that is highly dominated by men, it’s not easy for a female to make her way up. And if you are a foreigner? The struggle is for real. Mannu Sandhu is inspired by many the Indian actresses who made a huge impact on the industry as a leader. Let’s hear from what this stunning actress has to say in an interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
At the age of 14, I moved from Chandigarh, India and settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I completed my high school studies. Throughout high school I was actively involved within my school environment, specifically assisting with the organization of charitable events. After high school, I began modeling. By the end of 2011, I finished my first Canadian feature film, Footsteps into Gangland directed by Mani Amar.

Where do you want to see yourself and what change do you want to see in the Indian film industry?
Every actor has one dream and that is to do a successful film. The dream is to bring and produce good content in Bollywood and Hollywood films. In Bollywood and Punjabi films, you won’t see a woman as a front liner where the project is lead by women. I would want to see that change in the industry.

Who is your favorite actress?
That is a very tough question. They all are really good for there individuality and uniqueness. It is very difficult to choose one. Like Kareena Kapoor is very outspoken. Regardless of her high profile background, she put her 100% in the acting career not taking it for granted. Kangana Ranaut is another actress who got better with each rejection. She fights for her space constantly which made her more powerful.

What is your experience as a foreigner? How is the city been treating you?

It is not easy and it is oneway. You made that choice and you have to be able to stick with it. There are actresses from other countries, like Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez who made a choice to stay in the country for the passion for the films and acting.

What films have you done so far?
I have done Pinda Vicho Pinda Sunida, Saadi Wakhri Hai Shaan, Scent of a Woman (Short film) and Footsteps Into Gangland.

Tell us your experience as a model..

I have recently hosted a Fashion Show in Vancouver where I walk on a ramp for Faluguni and Shane Peacock India. Being in front of the live audience is the greatest experience. The reaction is instant and you have to take it. Good or bad.

If I would have to take your phone, what apps would you be using?

Well, there are lot of apps that I use. But Instagram and whats app are the two primary ones that are always in use.

What is your favorite travel destinations?

I really enjoy traveling to Hawaii in the USA.

Some words for fans….

Never give up on your dreams…. You only live once.

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