Posted on January 29, 2019 at 10:44 pm

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Youngest Director In Bollywood Shadab Siddiqui On Roll

Youngest Director In Bollywood Shadab Siddiqui On Roll

Meet UP born Youngest Director who is taking Bollywood cinema by storm by signing 5 music album in a month!

Would you have imagined a 25 years guy from Uttar Pradesh, singing 5 music albums as a director in a month?

Director Shadab Siddiqui, who has directed a number of short films in the past, including “Where is Najeeb”, is set to direct 5 Music video in a month under banners like Blue Eyes Film Factory, Innocent Virus Films and actors like Jai Soni, Archana Prajapati, Riya Mandoli etc.

The 25-year-old director is well known for creating an impact on the minds of many through his insightful direction. He has been actively involved in creating films and music having genres like romance, politics and many more. All his past work has had a very strong emotional impression and we are definitely expecting his new music to have a similar feel with better direction, production, and execution.

Born into a poor family in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the young director has faced many hardships in life since the beginning while working as a Carpenter at the beginning and later at various Bhojpuri production houses. His family background didn’t support him through his young age and hence, he suffered a rough childhood. Despite all the difficulties he faced, he has always strived to do better in life. His school life was also not a happy place for him.

On the film front, Siddiqui has just wrapped up the filming of “Aa Bhi Jao” and is currently working on his upcoming album “Rehna Hai Teri Bahon Me”.
Hoping to see the young director winning hearts of many yet again, through this music videos. Wishing the whole team good luck and success in their new endeavor.

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