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Top Five Modern Bollywood Movies You Can’t Miss

Top Five Modern Bollywood Movies You Can’t Miss

Since the first Indian feature film back in 1913, the Bollywood cinema scene has continued to evolve and change over the years. Great directors have come and gone, the big-budget romance diasporas of the mid 90’s that became the epitome of what Bollywood was gave way to a new generation that allowed a more varied era of cinematography. Alternatively, you can click here to play slots online.

There’s a lot unpack in the Bollywood cinema scene, but to save time we’ve chosen the top five modern Bollywood movies that you can’t miss.

Dil Chahta Hai

The movie that’s described by many in India as launching the trend for the ‘college-leaving’ genre that explores the important decision made by all of us. Do we let ourselves be guided in our career and marriage choices by our parents or strike out on our own?

Which is a big thing for modern India where things like gambling online on sites like Easy slots is a taboo yet arranged marriages are still a frequent problem. Set against stylish Australian locations, this fresh look at post-college life was a huge hit.

Chak De! India

Released on the 60th anniversary of Indian independence, this sporty movie follows our hockey playing hero Kabir Khan. After allowing their defeat at the hands of Pakistani rivals because of a missed shot, our hero is accused of letting them win because he is a Muslim.

Through a tale of redemption and a colorful cast of characters that make up the female hockey team he coaches to victory over Australia.


Gangs of Wasseypur

Set amid the coal mafia of Danbad, this epic crime film was directed by the always controversial Anurag Kashyap. Filled with Tarantino styled humour mixed with violence, this terrific movie contains fantastic performances from its cast as it tells the story of three families feuding from the 40’s to the late 200’s.


Even in modern India it’s unusual for a heroine-led film to become such a smash hit, yet Queen managed it. Starring Kangana Ranaut as a middle-class Delhi girl who’s jilted before she can be married. Spurned by her partner she decides to go on a solo-honeymoon to Paris to find herself.

After getting into adventures with her three male flat mates and finding her self-confidence again she returns to Delhi a new woman. It’s a heart-felt movie that holds no punches. You can find a range of 5 star online slots about different Queens all at Easy Slot’s website.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Finally, we have the all-time blockbuster hit. Starring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan as a Hindu nationalist that finds a small, mute Pakistani girl at a fair who became lost on a pilgrimage to Delhi.


Although she commits multiple cultural taboos, Bajrangi’s growing love for the girl helps him overcome his own prejudices as he tries to get her home. Filled with comedy and plenty of catchy songs to sing along to this is one you can’t miss.

Modern Bollywood continues to change but these movies will always be timeless classics. If you’re eager to catch up on Asian cinema, then check out these films!


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