Posted on October 16, 2018 at 2:23 am

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How are the biggest female Bollywood stars staying fit?

How are the biggest female Bollywood stars staying fit?


Have you ever been watching your favourite Bollywood movies or following the lives of the glamourous stars and wondering how they maintain such amazing figures? Well look no further because we are feeling the biggest fitness trends of some of the biggest Bollywood actresses. Learn how they keep their toned bodies in great shape and perhaps you can implement some of their fitness regimes and get the figure you have always dreamed of. Remember, if you feel like playing some games you can find all the best online UK bingo games here.


Check out the top Bollywood fitness trends of 2018 and get active!


  1. Bikram Yoga

Considering that this style of yoga was invented in India, it is no surprise that it is at the top of our list and a favourite way for Bollywood actresses to stay in shape when they aren’t chilling out playing at Barbados Bingo. This hot yoga style is not for the faint hearted and the rooms are heated between 34-42 degrees centigrade to really get your heart pumping. Yoga is known for helping to tone your entire body, making you more supple, slimmer and more centred.


  1. Pilates


Bollywood sweetheart Deepika Padukone has learned to incorporate Pilates into her fitness regime to strengthen and tone her sporty physique. Pilates can increase muscle tone while heightening your metabolic rate, causing you to burn fat and ultimately lose weight, taking you one step closer to your ideal figure. One of the main benefits of Pilates is strengthening of the core, so if you want to work on that ab definition, this may be the perfect workout for you.

  1. Boxing


Movie star and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra relies on Boxing to maintain her fantastic figure. She combines weights, skipping and bag training to get a full body, fat blasting workout. Boxing is super versatile and contrary to popular belief, suitable for all levels of fitness. It is a sport that you can slowly build up your skill, or jump in at a higher level if you already have a good base of fitness. Most importantly, boxing training is fun, so you won’t get bored easily. However, if you need something a little less intense, you can deposit to play online bingo today.


  1. HIIT training


Another Bollywood fitness favourite is HIIT or high intensity interval training.


This type of exercise focuses on short sharp burst of high intensity exercise following by a short rest period. There are many different types of HIIT training so you can choose a style that you enjoy and it can be incorporated into nearly every sport. For example, HIIT can be done with running, rowing, weight lifting and the list goes on. This form of training has been lauded the fastest way to burn fat and a usual session can be just 25 mins. No excuses!


These Bollywood beauties combine these different methods of exercise with dedication and hard work to stay in shape and look fabulous. If they can do it there is no reason why you cant achieve the same amazing results and get the body of your dreams. Check out some videos online and start working out today to see results.

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