Posted on July 18, 2018 at 8:32 am

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Richa Chadha Approached By PETA For This Reason

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With critically acclaimed films and roles to her name, Richa Chadha has proved her mettle way ahead of her years. The actress has always been vocal about her opinions on social issues and has never backed down from standing for important causes.

Richa Chadha
Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha was recently approached by PETA to become the face of the Save the Elephants Campaign. The international organization with the help of the actress have sent a letter to the Odisha Chief Minister to seek the office’s support as it is a very important campaign.


Over the past several years, elephants have been the victims of train accidents that have occurred on the tracks that pass through heavily forested and elephants crossing areas. These gentle animals are run over by oncoming trains that do not stop to take stock of the damage they’ve caused. The serious recklessness on behalf of the employees and government officials has caused the deaths of several elephants, adults and offsprings alike. Richa will take on the cause to not just get the government involved but also inform people about the accidents that are on the rise and how they can be curbed.


Richa said:

“It is almost shocking how even in 2018 this still happens where an elephant gets hit by a train and either loses its life or by some off chance, it survives, help doesn’t manage to reach on time. So when PETA asked me to become the face and appeal to the CM, I was more than happy to write that letter. We need to teach our train drivers about elephant crossings. The forest guard should put more signs from the earlier stations to inform the train drivers about elephant crossing areas and heavily forested areas. Little things will change the fatalities, I hope these changes help the larger cause. Because they are the best and don’t deserve something so tragic happening to them!”


We love what you are doing for the animals Richa!

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