Posted on June 13, 2018 at 7:01 am

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Taapsee Pannu ’s Latest Instagram Post Will Leave You Puzzled

Taapsee Pannu who has a number of films lined up this year is currently gearing up for the shoot of her upcoming film, Badla, directed by Sujoy Ghosh and starring Amitabh Bachchan.

Taapsee Pannu
Taapsee Pannu

The actress will be flying out to Scotland for the shoot. Taapsee Pannu who has been shooting back to back for her films this year has barely had a breather and has been jet-setting from one shoot to the other.


On the prep front, Taapsee Pannu hasn’t divulged too much about how she’s going to be taking on the character of an entrepreneur. However, we spotted a recent social media post that she put, which showed a new book on her kindle. On closer inspection, we found out that the actress was, in fact, reading The Dark Lake, a popular crime novel, by Sara Bailey.


Have a look:

Summary of the book that Taapsee Pannu is reading :

The lead homicide investigator in a rural town, Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock is deeply unnerved when a high school classmate is found strangled, her body floating in a lake. And not just any classmate, but Rosalind Ryan, whose beauty and inscrutability exerted a magnetic pull on Smithson High School, first during Rosalind’s student years and then again when she returned to teach drama.

As much as Rosalind’s life was a mystery to Gemma when they were students together, her death presents even more of a puzzle. What made Rosalind quit her teaching job in Sydney and return to her hometown? Why did she live in a small, run-down apartment when her father was one of the town’s richest men? And despite her many admirers, did anyone in the town truly know her?

Now is this work-related or the actress Taapsee Pannu is really fond of reading?

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