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Smoking Hot Tosha Patel Stuns The World As She Dance

Smoking Hot Tosha Patel Stuns The world As She Dance

Tosha Patel is a classically trained dancer and has completed her Rang Pravesh in Kathak. She has been trained amongst the top choreographers of Bollywood including Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis, and Feroz Khan. Tosha also danced at competitions and shows such as Boogie Woogie finals North America (Top 2), Dance India Dance (Top 20), Naya Andaz and many circuit related dance competitions. She has worked with Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis and even had the opportunity to dance at IIFA awards both in 2014 and 2017.

In an Interview, Tosha reveals more about her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you originally from?
TOSHA: I was born in Gujarat, India and moved to New York when I was 2 years old. I grew up on Long Island and later went to Boston University.

How did you got into dancing and at what age?
TOSHA: Ever since I was little, age 5, my mom always wanted her daughter to be a dancer, as she never got the opportunity to. She first put me in Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop classes, but later on joined a Bollywood Dance School and my passion for Bollywood dance just grew.

Tell us about your training as a Kathak/Bollywood Dancer. You think Kathak/Bollywood dance helped you to further advance in the dancing career?
TOSHA: I have been trained in Kathak since the age of 5. I have completed by Rang Pravesh and have made kathak my core strength in the dance world. My Kathak training is definitely my biggest strength as not a lot of Indians, especially in America, are familiar with the style. Having the knowledge and passion for Kathak, I wish to pass this onto future generations of dancers willing to preserve the Indian culture as well as learn the balance of both fusion and kathak intertwined.

You have been worked with top choreographer as Geeta Kapoor, Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Sir, Terence Lewis and Feroz Khan. Tell us more about your experience with them.
TOSHA: Working with these top celebrities was definitely a dream come true. I never imagined that I would be performing in front of them and then two years later, Rajat and I would have a chance to host them in California for a workshop (Feroz Khan) at RRB Dance Company.

What are some little-known facts about yourself that you would want to share?
TOSHA: I’ve always wanted to start my own clothing line and have my own fashion trend.

Tell us your experience Dance India Dance and other shows pertaining to yourself.
TOSHA: DID was definitely one of my most memorable experiences and one of the most challenging. I had always grown up watching the show, so to be in TOP 20 was a dream come true. I learned a lot from that experience that helped me grow as a dancer, such as becoming a more versatile and stage-oriented solo performer. I met such amazing talent.

What is the most challenging dancing routine you have followed?
TOSHA: One of the most challenging routines was definitely by DID routine. I tried to add a bit of everything, aside from Kathak, so had to get some intensive training in hip hop and move away from my comfort zone.

Share your most memorable experience at RRB Dance Company?
TOSHA: One of my most memorable memories, was definitely Jashan Volume II – our annual showcase every year. It was our first show as a company. The feeling of seeing the passion in the students and them executing your vision was amazing. I will never forget the energy in the room of the parents and the support of some of our friends and many well-known choreographers here.

What keeps you motivated and keeps you both going? Who is your inspiration?
TOSHA: My motivation stems from the parents, students and my family and friends. I continue doing what I do and loving what I do with their continued support. When they have big smiles when they are learning or they constantly send me messages of wanting to learn one of my dance covers, it really gets me super pumped to do anything I can to make that choreography even better. My inspiration is definitely my mom. She is the one that is fulfilling her dream through me and I will do anything I can to make her proud.

Where do you see RRB Dance Company; BollyLearn in next five years?
Honestly, 2 years ago when RRB Dance Company started. It was just meant to be a way for us to express ourselves and teach students. It was in a small studio with 7 students. Now we are expanding into over 30 locations in two countries and have become this international brand. This way never even in our imagination. In the next 5 years, we hope that we can continue doing what we love and pour every ounce of passion we have for dance into this.

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