Posted on June 22, 2018 at 9:18 am

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Sanjay Kapoor Speaks About His Movie Bedhab

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Last seen in Lust Stories, actor Sanjay Kapoor is all set for his upcoming movie Bedhab where the actor will play a double role.


Sanjay said:

“It takes a while to seep in this title, but any title which takes a while and is not a normal title always has a better impact”.


As an example, he spoke about the Salman Khan starrer Dabangg which was produced by his dear friend Arbaaz Khan. He had observed that the name did not attract many at the beginning, but once it clicked, nobody could forget it. Bedhab once clicked, is something which will create the great impact it is supposed to. He believes that some great titles take time to be liked, but once liked they never leave your mind and rapidly grow on you. That is Bedhab! Sanjay definitely feels happy with the director’s selection of the title.


When asked about his opinion on working with the scriptwriter and director, Akash Goila, he just has words of praises. Sanjay rightly believes that a movie is the director’s vision and if he himself is the story writer that becomes a deadly package giving the best outputs. In spite of his vast experience in the industry, Sanjay praised Akash for his utmost focus and the clarity of his vision. This definitely shows how matured Sanjay is as an actor. He is happy to work with a director who knows what he wants. After working in so many movies for all these years, he understands how a director works and is thus super happy with his present venture.


The movie will be on floors soon.

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