Posted on April 26, 2018 at 12:20 am


Vishal Roy Joins Bandwagon Of Justice For Kathua Gang Rape

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Music Director Vishal Roy Joins bandwagon of justice for kathua gang rape and demands death penalty for rape of women of any age not only minors.

Kathua rape case being a blood boiling incident the country wakes up amid a gruesome state. The government reportedly started to process to amend the law to introduce death penalty for rape of minors below 12 year of age which was approved on April 21. Kolkata’s renowned Music director Vishal Roy who is not only a familiar name in Tollywood, but also known for his social activity joins the bandwagon in demand of justice for the minor. Vishal raises his voice agains the decision of death pentalty for rape of minors saying “Why should we only punish someone who is accused of raping a minor, isn’t the life and digninty of girls above that precious?”.

Vishal Roy, before joining the bandwagon for justice for Asifa literally created a much needed buzz across the nation having raised his voice against Punish A Muslim day. This time he raises his voice agains the decision of death penalty for rape of minors below 12 year of age which was approved on April 21.

“ Rape is the murder of a soul, the age of victim should not decide the penalty. I believe death penalty should be the punish for raping women. “

Vishal Roy is a name synonymous with ‘Versatility’. The musical niche the singer, composer, and director chose to walk through leads to various genres that itself speaks about his creativity. Roy started his musical journey at the tender age of 3. Initially, his mother Shyamali Roy trained young Vishal, having shown undoubted passion for music Vishal received his training from Pt. Ajay Chakraborty. Unlike most other singers he neither chose the path of reality show nor did he found confinement in vocals only. He chose to compose and co-direct to brush up his experience with commercial music. Vishal’s capability of playing stringed instruments and his knowledge and grip on instruments he uses for his arrangements deserves special praise.Vishal already assisted eminent music composers and directors of Bollywood and Tollywood. Vishal’s upcoming solo projects include Tollywood films and albums that are releasing in 2018.