Posted on February 20, 2018 at 1:18 pm

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The Marketing Strategy of Padman is definitely unique

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The manner in which a movie is presented to the audience during its promotional phase has a great impact on how it is finally received by the public.


Over the last few years, Akshay Kumar has been breaking taboos by choosing movies no others actors have. Not only are his movie subjects different but the variety of genres, working with debut directors and co-actors etc. are also some of the taboo-breaking ideas he has started.

But, what he is doing differently with Padman is breaking the taboo of Film Marketing.

He not only ensured that the film looks like a breezy entertainer with its trailer, in spite of being centered around a taboo topic, he marketed the film in a hatke manner.

Here’s what all he did which hadn’t been done earlier

No Trailer Launch Media Event

There was no trailer launch media event but he held a press conference 6 days after the trailer was launched. This was done so that it could be discussed at length and not a formality tick off from the list

Visits To IITs And IIMs Across The Country

Instead of visiting any college or a public event, the team specifically targeted renowned colleges like IITs and IIMs across the country as Akshay wanted to have a dialogue with the students about the film and not just wave to the crowd like most of the films do.

Visit To Reality Shows That Were Relevant

Instead of visiting all reality shows, the team only made selected appearances on shows that held relevance. For instance, a special show on Sony was shot where females who are successful in their respective fields were called and spoken about. Even on Bigg Boss, the entire machine of a REAL Pad was installed and Akshay made a Pad LIVE on the grand finale along with Salman Khan.

Team Padman In Association Organized India’s First Ever Innovation Conclave

The Padman Team in association with the National Innovation Foundation of India organized India’s first ever Innovation Conclave on January 12th at Mithibai College, where Innovators from across the country were called to exhibit their products and how they have benefited the society at large.

Team Padman Organized An All India Entrepreneurship Hunt

Team Padman in association with Franchise India organized an all India Entrepreneurship hunt where ideas that encouraged business with an aim of bringing about a change in the society around were called for and the best business Ideas were awarded seed capital for their start-ups.

Delhi University Organized A Women’s Marathon For Tax-Free Wings

Delhi University, one of the most reputed universities of our country organized the biggest women’s marathon for Tax Free Wings that was flagged off by Akshay. Unlike an event the college organizes that and they get stars to please the crowd, this marathon was specially designed around the film and its cause.

#Padman Challenge

The #Padman Challenge took the social media by storm where top celebrities started posting their pictures with a pad. This spread like wildfire in the release week of the film and ignited a lot of conversations, which was the sole motive of this activity.

Special Screenings For Ministers

Padman went a step ahead and showcased the movie to advocates and ministers of different states to ensure the message reaches the decision makers and the possibility of a change increases manifold.

The film stood on 3 pillars – PAD, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Padman Team smartly ensured all three were touched upon without falling into the regular template of film promotions.

As a result, while a concept film done by a A-listers opens to an average 7 or 8 cr, Padman opened to 10.5 Cr. Day1.

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