Posted on February 23, 2018 at 11:16 pm

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#WeddingBells: Dipikia and Shoaib are the ideal couple says Kajol Shrivastava

Wedding Bells!

Actor Kajol Shrivastava, who is close friends with actor Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim, recently attended their wedding. The actor says that she knows the couple well and really enjoyed the wedding.

“I know Dipika and Shoaib bhai from last one and a half years. I joined the cast of Sasural Simar Kaa in 2016 and I have known them since. I am shooting every day, but I still managed to take out three days for the wedding,” she says, adding,

“The Nikah was in Maudaha near Lucknow. I wore a maroon kurta and a lehenga below that. Since it was Dipika’s wedding I wanted to wear something really heavy.”

The actor feels that Dipika and Shoaib are the perfect couple.


“I feel a wedding is all about compatibility and togetherness. I have seen them since last one and a half years. They have been an ideal couple, both are such good human beings. They have always stood by each other and have loved each other unconditionally,” she says.

Ask Kajol when she would like to tie the knot, and she says,

“I don’t know, I am too young to get married right now. I want to devote myself to my career right now. But yes, if meet someone, who is really nice and witty, caring, loving, I won’t mind getting married by 2020.”

And what would she like her partner to be like?

“I would say witty, understanding, caring, loving; the basic qualities a girl wants in her partner,” she says.