Posted on December 14, 2017 at 12:48 am

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#CondemnTheCondom: What television celebrities have to say about banning condom commercials!

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The government has prohibited television channels from airing advertisements for condoms any time in the day till 10 pm, since some of the commercials were “indecent and can impact children”, evoking strong reactions from companies and advertisers. Here are the major feedback by popular television celebrities on the decision made by the Indian government.

Anuj Sachdev: I think the lack of sex education in our country is what impacts children. We are such a hypocritical society. On one hand, we talk about how much we are progressing and on the other we have a problem with tv channels airing condom ads. Do we even realize that condoms promote protected sex which is the essential education the citizens of this nation need to get? We are okay with so many molestations and rape incidents happening in this country day in and day out but we will ban something as trivial as a condom ad on television.

Meghna Naidu: Condom ads are so important to show the people of our country. It’s something so basic and important. Instead of making more educative ads and videos to teach the people of our country the right thing our government decides to take down condom ads in the day. I am shocked. If one finds an ad explicit you have the option of making another ad. Banning of something like this is a bit too much.

Tanya Sharma: The world over, such advertising is being deregulated to prevent teenage pregnancies. It is now being widely recognized as the part of educating certain knowledge but yes the creativity can be changed to decent advertising.

Madhura Naik: I stand with my government. The decision is very much fine. As every country has some protocols and our nation is known for its heritage and culture. We are a Conservative close culture and its a question of ethics as well. And no parents will find it easy to expose their children to such stuff at a very early age. I feel you have to work by your culture at the end of the day.

Mahika Sharma: To protect children from being unhealthy influences it’s better to focus on their education. Creating taboos is not the solution. Creating healthy discussion can be. It is important to introduce sex and birth control education in senior school. Such ads don’t affect much because the content of our screen has already rooted to more adult entertainment.

Roopal Tyagi: I don’t agree with it. With a country that needs to seriously control its population that doesn’t seem the apt thing to do. What they can do is maybe monitor the content of these ads if the sensuality is a botheration.

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