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The Sizzling Actress Deepika Padukone and her fashion secrets that mesmerize you!

Deepika slays with her fashion!

“Nothing can be changed overnight,” luck plays an important role for some people out there. One such Bollywood heartthrob who became a world celebrity is none other than our beauty in the south, Deepika Padukone.

Deepika is blessed with a beautiful flawless skin. She is like other actresses; emphasizes on excess water consumption to ensure that one remains hydrated. Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing are her regular skin care in online fashion store. Her daily skin care regimen includes a moisturizer with SPF throughout the day. This glamorous diva ensures removal of all makeup marks before going to bed. She follows this cleansing regime with a hydrating cream. She does not go for regular facial treatments but always indulge in a thorough clean up session once in a while.

Deepika, to maintain her gorgeous body, depends on regular skin care instead of instant makeup solutions. She avoids applying makeup while not shooting and ensures to clean her face thoroughly after shooting. She prefers the loofah to a soap bar because it immediately improves the flow of blood and removes the dead cells from the body.

As for her curls, she massages it once a week with tender coconut oil, because of longer exposure to sun damage hair follicles. She has been following this hair care since childhood, and it has worked wonderfully for her hair. Deepika also heads to the spa regularly for body massages and relaxation.



What have you learned about fashion? Don’t fidget with your skin – that means don’t overdo face treatments and other skin care rituals; regular exercise and stick to minimal makeup.

What is your favorite feature? I love my eyes. Many people say that I express a lot with my eyes without using other parts of my face or body. It’s great in front of the camera, but it’s dicey in real life!

How do you make most of them? I highlight them with mascara and put a small line on the edges. The latter is needed because I have big eyes. Otherwise, you can make them look beautiful only with loads of mascara on the top and lower eyelashes.

What is your hair care ritual? A leave-in conditioner is important because of weather and pollution. Also, I need a heat-resistant to reduce the styling damage during shoots and fashion shows. Once in a while, I indulge in a good head massage in UAE fashion shop.

Which are your favorite makeup hues? I love pastels and very light pinks. During the day, it’s usually a very light liner with a pinkish blush and nude gloss. Night makeup tends to be a slightly more exaggerated version of the same but remains very natural.

What kind of fragrance do you like? I am not a fan of overly flowery or fruity fragrances. I prefer something with a unique edge, like Issey Miyake or Davidoff Cool Water.

What’s the best thing about makeup? It’s great for making flaws vanish! Otherwise, how would we get through under eye circles, bad complexion days and pesky zits?


What we gather from these Deepika Padukone fashion secrets is that it is essential that we maintain a routine for care instead of using makeup and other cosmetics at the last minute! The Deepika Padukone skin care routine hasn’t failed her till date.

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