Posted on November 2, 2017 at 10:56 am

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Happy Birthday SRK: 52 terms that perfectly describe Shah Rukh Khan

What can describe the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan? Words fall less when trying to praise who this man really is. He turns 52 today (25 at heart, really) and he’s still everything close to perfection. From being the man every girl desires, to coming in the list of most sought-after actors in movies, TV hosting and giving speeches, SRK has really made a mark at 52 and Bollywood is super grateful to have a superstar like him, whom you can learn so much from.

We at UrbanAsian found out 52 terms that perfectly describe the heartthrob (another term directed to) King Khan:


  1. Inspiration
  2. Self-made
  3. Hard-working
  4. Generous
  5. Flamboyant
  6. An Indian before anything
  7. Romancing like no other
  8. Quick wit
  9. Smart
  10. Super loving
  11. Genius
  12. Unpredictable (for the good)
  13. Best combination of blessing and hard-work
  14. The lover ever girl desires
  15. A caring and proud father
  16. Real-life hero around women
  17. Optimism unlimited
  18. Hottest for his age, (that definitely isn’t the) limit
  19. Mysterious where needed
  20. King
  21. Rising from the ashes, only to emerge even more victorious
  22. Effortless charmer
  23. Quintessential
  24. Limited friends beyond the sets for a drama-free life
  25. Affluent
  26. Breath of fresh air post certain roles
  27. Abundant self-belief
  28. Passionate
  29. Doesn’t let success or failure get to his mind
  30. A great son, supremely attached to his parents and their memories (he produced ‘Ittefaq’ because it was his mother’s favourite film)
  31. Wouldn’t change (and we wouldn’t want it any other way anyway)
  32. The silent godfather
  33. The entertainer you’d love to keep forever
  34. No bullshit man
  35. A global star
  36. The guardian his closest people could easily fall back on
  37. Body of a model, brain of a genius. Deadly combo.
  38. Takes care of even the spotboy on his sets.
  39. Life experiences like no other
  40. Strong believer of living the moment
  41. The one living his life on his own terms
  42. A multi-tasker (acting, movie production)
  43. The face of Kolkata Knight Riders
  44. The flagbearer of sportsmanship
  45. Humble
  46. Media-friendly
  47. Fans first
  48. The talkative one (we love to hear)
  49. The cute guy with the dimple #Lovestruck
  50. A kid at heart (He plays FIFA at night 😉
  51. Never gives up
  52. Here to stay


Happy birthday Shah Rukh Khan. Just if you wish, maybe tell us your next surprise 😉

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