Posted on November 28, 2017 at 5:47 am

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Gurleen Chopra is the Female Serial Kisser of B-town

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Looks like Gurleen Chopra upcoming Bollywood flick will be a game changer for the glamorous actress. Gurleen will be seen portraying a hot and bold character, showcasing a never seen before avatar of hers.

Gurveen Chawla
Gurveen Chawla

According to reliable sources, she has 21 kissing scenes in the movie. Yes, guys, you read it right – 21 KISSING SCENES, for which she had taken 115 retakes. The temperature is going to soar, guys.

Having been featured in Bollywood as well as in several multilingual blockbusters, she has played some really interesting roles in the past. But, Game Over will portray her in a different light altogether. From what is to be believed, she is raising the heat up through the roof. No B-town actress has ever matched those numbers before. So, is it safe to call Gurleen Chopra is the lady Emraan Hashmi or rather, should we say the female serial Kisser of Bollywood?

Game Over, written & directed by Paresh Vinodray Savani, will see her play a bold, beautiful and intelligent con girl. The movie show how sometimes even beauty and brain are not enough to survive the game of life and gamble. And, the master planner could also get entangled and trapped in her own tricky game.

Game Over releases on December 08, 2017 and stars Rajesh Sharma, Yashpal Sharma and Rakesh Bedi in lead roles.

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