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When a Granny Stirred a Storm… AJJI Release In Theatres On 24th November!

MUMBAI; 14th November, 2017: Director Devashish Makhija’s Hindi film AJJI , a dark twist on the fairy-tale Little Red Riding Hood, has been receiving a thunderous applause from both audience and reviewers!

The film will release in theatres on 24th November.

Its stunning trailer lends a peek into the dark world of the film and leaves you numb.

To watch the trailer, please click on:

Yoodlee Films’ first outing- AJJI, premiered at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival and MAMI last month and has received fantastic reviews. Looks like the critics have finally found something to satiate their yearning for content-driven cinema.

Reviews- from Busan

Indian Revenge Drama Ajji is a Battlecry for Justice…a far cry from the glossy song and dance routines of Bollywood’s mainstream output, Ajji presents a viewpoint of contemporary India as seen from the gutter.

– Calling it ‘An Uncomfortable Watch’ noted film critic Rahul Desai sums up his review saying,

I don’t think I’m going to watch Ajji ever again. Because I’ll remember it. I’ll remember that I flinched more at the sight of a man being attacked than at the suggestion of a minor being assaulted. And this is a complicated, deep-rooted feeling – one that perhaps Devashish Makhija and his team seek to address. Not through the prism of gender or entertainment or justice, but through a harmless old lady with nothing (left) to lose.

– Hollywood Reporter :

Ajji is one of India’s strongest independents this year.

– Screen Daily :

Direct and effective, Ajji finds the lurid line between child rape drama and genre revenge thriller and walks it steadily through to a satisfyingly gruesome conclusion.

Within the Indian film industry too, the buzz is resounding. Javed Akhtar took to social media to urge everyone to experience this film for themselves,

AJJI is a film really worth watching. I am not surprised that it is getting such flattering reactions at different international festivals!

Director Kabir Khan
too has been impressed by this Yoodlee Films’ offering, describing it as

Seriously dark but truly reflective of the world we are living in today unfortunately. I think it is the kind of film that needed to come out…

Speaking about the reactions they are already getting, director Devashish sheds the grim-mood of the film for a smile,

Fairy tales are all written metaphorically, and this one specifically holds a lot of relevance today. We are extremely happy at the interest shown by the festival circuit for our film. Each day that we come closer to AJJI’s theatrical release I feel glad that Saregama India has set up Yoodlee Films as a platform to help independent filmmakers fearlessly tell stories that others shy away from…

Vikram Mehra, MD Saregama stated,

AJJI encompasses everything that Yoodlee Films believes in. It is guided by our belief in #fearlessfilmmaking for Indian Cinema and we are extremely glad that this thought is resonating with many prestigious festivals across the globe. We hope that with films like AJJI, Yoodlee Films helms the beginning of a change.

Yoodlee Films presents Devashish Makhija’sAJJI.

Release at 24th November at a theatre near you!

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