Posted on October 4, 2017 at 10:46 pm

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#MakeNYLaugh: Five Reasons We Love Vir Das

Actor and comedian Vir Das is one of the most sought after Indian comedians in the world today. Post his various tours around the globe, Vir Das filmed India’s first Netflix original, “Abroad Understanding” which encompassed the best of the East and the West. This November, the actor makes his comeback in New York at the TriBeCa Performing Arts Center with an assortment of rib tickling comedy. So what is it that makes Vir Das the king of comedy? Here’s a look at five of his most epic moments as a comedian:

We’re All The Same In The West
Racism is usually the reason for a great divide but if you’re Vir Das, you’re bound to find the silver lining in this dark cloud. Using one of the most common implications of being “brown” in the western world, Vir Das did what South Asian leaders could not do for over half-a-century. “Because in the west, we are all the same. We are all Arab…and there is unity in that.”

Blast From The Past
Our past shapes our present. One must respect the richness of our culture…blah blah blah. Granted India is a vast nation with a cultural richness like no other, most Indians have taken the joy out of the cultural richness and use traditions and culture as a reason for greater divide. In his show “History of India“, Vir tastefully dissects everything from the ancient civilization in Harappa, to the Vedas and the advent of the Mughal era and much more.

I’m A Sucker Too
One cannot laugh at the world and get away with it until one has learned to laugh at oneself. On a number of occasions Vir has reminded the world he is no stranger to the jokes cosmic powers have played on him. Not only does he learned to laugh at such mishaps, he’s used them to make others laugh. He is often seen taking a poke at his own film Mastizaade, his encounter with Skype and much more.

Who’s Your Daddy
Fatherhood can be stressful for your typical Indian male. In major parts of the world, fatherhood can give you criminal tendencies like the urge to murder your daughter’s boyfriend. In India, fatherhood means the urge to resist murder every morning. Or so says Vir Das in his set describing an unpleasant encounter with a teenage couple which will surely make you laugh.

Shitty News
In 2016, Vir Das started a Youtube series titled “The PotCast” where he discussed the countless frustrations Indian citizens face on a daily basis. In a particular episode Vir Das combines comedy with current events to address the “bhakts” of India on issues such as freedom of speech and press among other basic human rights.

For more, catch Vir Das live in action in New York on November 9th. Buy your tickets today on the New York Comedy Festival website.