Posted on October 11, 2017 at 10:57 am

Bollywood Entertainment

Aamir Khan’s Unusual Dance Moves In Sexy Balliye From Secret Superstar Will Leave You ROFL

Do you remember the song I Hate You Like I Love You from Delly Belly, well the new song from Secret Superstar is here to beat that song.


The makers of Secret Superstar have released a quirky, fun song – Sexy Balliye, ft. Aamir Khan which will leave ROFL.

Since the film is based on a girl becoming famous though a YouTube video, Aamir’s character, music composer Shakti Kumar, also shoots the new song ‘Sexy Baliye’ on YouTube.

Aamir, is as usual in his unusual avatar, in loud, splashy clothes. He is seen showing some cool and sleazy dance moves with girls around him. Well, besides this also watch out for the maid that keeps coming in the background.

I am sure that Aamir’s dance moves are gonna make you trip over the song.

This kickass song is sung by Mika Singh and composed by Amit Trivedi.

Check out the song right away:



As Aamir has said at the end of the song, if you like the song please share and if you don’t like the song change your taste 😉