Posted on October 26, 2017 at 5:58 am

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10 Years Of Jab We Met: 10 reasons Geet and Aditya were relationship goals

‘Jab We Met’ will forever remain our favorite movie; for Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, for the journey and for Imtiaz Ali who weaved such a beautiful story together. Can you believe that this movie has completed 10 whole years? It seems just like yesterday that the bubbly Geet had us dancing all over her tunes, and the sadu Aditya turned out to be the most selfless man with a heart.

Ironically, this movie was the last one which even our favorite couple, Shahid and Kareena shot together. Both of them have moved on in their lives, happy with the way it is shaping up, with their adorable Misha and Taimur, but Geet and Aditya have given us some amazing relationship goals like no one movie 10 years back.


  1. Complete opposites yet together

Geet was the chirpy one, while Aditya was the serious man, but still, they were meant for each other.


  1. Always there for each other without being in contact

Even when they were away from each other physically, every time they meet, nothing changed. They were still best friends despite staying away for almost 10 months from each other.


  1. Each other’s best support

And being best friends, they are also each other’s best support. Remember when Aditya was going through a low phase and Geet caught him off-guard? Similarly, Aditya totally healed Geet out of her break-up.


  1. No force, just attraction

Nobody forced them to get into the relationship, it just happened. Isn’t that the best kind?


  1. Both broken souls healed each other

Like mentioned earlier, they were each other’s best support. Once together, everything became better, even the broken pieces.


  1. Both had equal power and authority over each other

While at times Geet took control, the other times Aditya made sure to keep his lady safe. Never did one have more authority over the other.


  1. They converted their negativity to positivity

The two caved their path, a not very easy one, but they did it together and look what it did to them! Happy endings never felt this good <3


  1. Knew the meaning of space, and even realized the strong love thanks to that

Both Geet and Aditya kept away from each other when the time needed it, only to realize their undying love. That’s how it should be, no?


  1. In spite of having different outlooks in life, they never judged each other

Not once did Geet insult Aditya in a manner that hurt him too much to heal, and Aditya repeated the gesture because he was a kind man hidden behind the mask of anger.


  1. They accepted, respected and kept trust in the other

No matter the flaws or the past, both Geet and Aditya got married, thus making us believe that life could probably be good.


So expect love from the most unexpected as you celebrate #10YearsOfJabWeMet.

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