Posted on September 12, 2017 at 8:29 am

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Kangana Ranaut is back to taking a dig at Bollywood, Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan

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Karan Johar has become Kangana Ranaut’s favourite target ever since the nepotism debacle which took place over ‘Koffee With Karan’.

Kangana, who is known to have bold opinions over any celeb, now appears in AIB’s latest video, taking a dig at various celebrities, especially Karan Johar.

Without taking names (obviously), the video gives out subtle hints. KJo is the director who is totally in awe of his actor Shah Rukh Khan (this actor mimics SRK from K3G, and the very epic scene is a replica here). The director (KJo) snubs whatever Kangana says, and no matter how smart she speaks, she is termed nothing more than ‘cute’ or a ‘diva’, because she has a ‘vagina re’. But the minute SRK says the same thing, he is termed to have grown smart over time. In fact, SRK even eats his script (thus slightly hinting that script never matters to superstars of that stature).

She also takes a dig at being a woman, especially an actress, in India. They have to stay away from carbs for months together and also be okay with their cleavage featuring on the front page of leading dailies.

Kangana also takes a dig at the state of Bollywood and item songs, calling out that praising, no matter what, is the only way to the top, and also saying ‘sirf chaddi mein nachaiyya ve’ or ‘objectify even my kalaiyyan ve’.

SRK’s response to that is why is she getting angry, when they have helped her turn out to be a modern ladki? Honestly, Kangana’s response to that is even better – about how ‘modern’ the men have let the women be. The song even takes a dig at how the actor in question is just showing to be great by letting the actress’ names before his, but the pay cheque disparity still exists.

The actress even goes on to point out how the superstars are romancing the actress’ daughters too, while the actress just goes on to do a commercial on TV, because their life span in Bollywood is over, as the audiences can no longer accept them.

In a very subtle way, it also looks like Kangana took a dig at Aditya Pancholi. The song lyrics go ‘ho main toh kitni hoon young young, iss buddhe ke sang sang, buzurg hai mera piya.’

And of course, she even called out to Hrithik in the infamous manner.

At the end of this video, she gets a warning of getting replaced, and indeed, she gets replaced, thanks to the star in talks and her bold nature, which isn’t acceptable to the society.

And the show goes on, all over again, with KJo still being SRK’s pet, and another actress, who might have to go through the fear of being replaced if she tries to speak up.

Finally, at the end of this AIB video, Kangana is speaking about ‘Simran’, asking the audiences to watch her movie on 15th September. Till then, watch this video right here:

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