Posted on September 16, 2017 at 2:03 am


#FilmyFriday review of Simran!

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What better way to end my birthday week with a Kangana Ranaut film, Simran?

Simran is a film directed by a renowned filmmaker, Hansal Mehta. The story is based off a real-life person, Sandeep Kaur, an NRI in the United States who has been convicted of four bank robberies. Hopefully that itself pumps you up to go watch this film now!

I never know how to express myself after watching Kangana Ranaut on-screen. I remember when I first saw her on the big screen in Gangster and Woh Lamhe, my jaw simply dropped. I was inspired by her characters and her unique appearance. Perhaps she is one of the many reasons I feel motivated to move towards the film industry. Her character Simran is something none of us have really witnessed in Indian Cinema before, it felt as though I was watching a Hollywood film from beginning to end.

In addition to Kangana’s outstanding performance, the dialogues, of course, had the perfect comic timing. What I also loved a lot about this film was that it was set in Atlanta, Georgia. A place I am quite familiar with, and it was very fascinating to finally see a Hindi film taking place in a city that’s not just New York City, Mumbai or London. It brought a realistic setting and portrayed the simplicity of all the characters so well.

At the end of the day, this is a Hindi film, but the songs were not forcefully placed. The wedding track felt like I was attending my best friends wedding and watching all the guest with their mismatched steps and the romantic track Meet is simply on repeat for me, I can’t stop listening to it.

The film really had no flaws other than all the “character flaws” that we progressively see when we meet ‘Simran‘.

All in all, Simran has a balance of comedy, dance, emotion, and action. There is no doubt you will enjoy this film!

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