Posted on September 2, 2017 at 2:43 am

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#Designer Purvi Doshi to showcase at #NewYorkFashionWeek!

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New York Fashion Week is back at it again this year! Global designers come together this time to show case their talent! Indian Contemporary Designer Purvi Doshi, the connoisseur of textiles and handlooms is all geared up to display her ‘khadi’ collection at New York Fashion Week on 7thSeptember 2017. Purvi Doshi will be the first designer from India to showcase ‘khadi’ at New York Fashion Week.

“Purvi Doshi”, a conscience driven brand from India. Our design concept is to showcase to the world, cruelty-free fashion, artful in design yet contemporary in style. We bring forth the arts and crafts of India of which there are merely a few exponents captive deep in the villages. Embroideries are an intrinsic part of every garment that bring not just color but also a sense of beauty to the dresses.

Our focus has been on:

Sustainability – in every aspect of our garments

Fabric – Khadi -handwoven fabric of india, Ahimsa Silk-Cruelty free silk or a.k.a Peace silk

Colors – Natural dyes – non-polluting, allergy free and herbal

Arts – Indian arts in every garment

Design – Contemporary, yet classy

Purvi Doshi will be showcasing her New Collection themed “CO- EXISTENCE”

“CO- EXISTENCE” – to exist together, the collection was created to show the love and care for other living beings on this earth. Man is the most superior animal and he has proven that by taking away the jungles and the water from the other animals. As they say “with great strength comes great responsibility” and now its the time to show responsibility and behave like the head of the animal kingdom. It is time to Co-exist, not just for all the other animals but also for the future of humanity.

“Co-Existence” showcases the many species of animals and birds like playful panda, beautiful flamingos, towering giraffes, gigantic elephants and graceful birds in this gentle earthly collection.

At Purvi Doshi it has been the constant aim to further the cause of continuance of these intricate arts of India like Khat, Aari, Mirror-work embroideries and other skills that are now at the brink of redundancy due to inadequate opportunities for the craftsmen to earn a living. These crafts are traditional and passed on for some generations now.

Purvi Doshi expresses,

“I am very happy to be a part of New York Fashion Week 2017. Sustainability at its root and khadi in its soul, each garment is made in India, with utmost care and love. I hope to bring a change by making artisans in-charge of their own lives and give fashion the slow, steadfast care it and its makers deserve”.


Please find the show details below:

Event: New York Fashion Week 2017

Designer: Purvi Doshi

Date: Saturday, 7th September 2017

Time: 7 pm

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