Posted on August 2, 2017 at 1:22 pm


This Kiran Rao Speech About Feminism Is Just Perfect

At the trailer launch of ‘Secret Superstar’ today, Kiran Rao openly spoke about how even today, women are treated differently.

She said,

“Historically, women have been sidelined. Since many years, they are considered secondary. In many countries, women were allowed to vote much later. All over the world, women have to struggle to get their rights, to get recognition. Equal pay for equal work. It’s a shame that we have to fight for equal pay. I just want to tell women and girls out there that this film (‘Secret Superstar’) gives the message to not be scared to dream, don’t be scared to desire & want things. It’s your right to follow your heart and dreams. I hope you (women) find success in life. I wish all of you luck and success.”

Isn’t that just awesome?