Posted on August 1, 2017 at 6:11 am


EXCLUSIVE: Pankaj Tripathi speaks about Gurgaon The Film and the ups and downs of his acting career

Pankaj Tripathi, the actor who went unnoticed till now, plays the lead character in Shanker Ramen’s ‘Gurgaon’ the film. Not only that, he has so many movies lined up that he himself is overwhelmed with all the offers.

UrbanAsian got to exclusively interview this actor, and here are some excerpts from the chat:


What are your expectations from ‘Gurgaon’ the movie?

The month of August is going to be great for me, with wonderful films. I have ‘Newton’ after ‘Gurgaon’. I also have ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’.


With so many movies releasing together, how do you feel?

When I had come to Mumbai for the first time, I had visited Pankaj Kapur’s house. I was working on a short film which he was directing. There I saw 15-16 scripts, and wondered if I will ever go through the same experience. Now that it is happening with me, I remember that moment. But now I am taking a break, waiting for the audiences to respond to my films, and then I’ll be able to decide further. So I’m on the wait and watch road.



Is there anyone you want to credit for your success?

Many. My wife, for supporting me when we had no money. Mukesh Chabbra, for recognizing my talent.


So Pankaj ji, what is your background like?

I used to farm. Actually, nobody from my village has ever come to Mumbai before I did, leave alone be an actor. I also didn’t know that I wanted to become an actor. I’m not even attracted towards watching films.


How did your parents react to that?

Their dreams were shattered. All they said was go do it and earn for yourself. So, ever since I got into theatre, maybe in 1996, I haven’t taken a single penny from them. I used to work in hotels, do plays and earn.


What is the best moment you’ve had in your acting career?

That I am getting paid for my hobby. I am very happy to get up and go to work.