Posted on August 27, 2017 at 5:22 pm

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#BirthdayBash: Shibani Celebrates 21 As She Turns 35!

Another year for Shibani Dendekar who just turned 35 celebrates with her bae Monica Dogra and friends. She can sing, is a dancer, actress and a model. She stuns us with her beauty looks as a model on Instagram when she isn’t killing roles on the big screen. Dressed in a T-shirt with a black leather skirt, she post her photo on Instagram holding two cakes with the balloons numbered 21 in the back ground.

She makes the wish to have a peace and kindness in the world. Her Birthday photo quotes,

“this bday I wish for a peaceful world where we practice kindness and create magic! Let’s all do our bit.. can my wish come true now please?! K thanks Bye”.



Amen Shibani Dandekar! We wish all your birthday wishes come true. Happy 21 st Shibani!