Posted on July 18, 2017 at 10:03 am

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Haseena Parkar Trailer Tries To Intimidate You

‘Haseena Parkar’, also known as Aapa, played by Shraddha Kapoor, was introduced quite well in the teaser.

However, in the trailer which they have released very recently, Shraddha’s character seems to be a very layered one. Her dialogues will get you confused, and you will be actually left with a question mark by the end of the trailer about who Haseena Parkar really is?

The character can either be very intimidating or just another innocent victim. Very frankly, you will barely be able to guess it from the trailer. Maybe that’s how the makers wanted it to be.

But the one disappointing factor here is Shraddha’s appearance. It looks like she is having paan while speaking, which is uncomfortable for both her and us.

Anyhow, check the trailer here:

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